What’s in a Word?

Have you seen the New Year’s resolution idea of picking a word, just one word, to focus on in 2018? Maybe mine should be “procrastinate” since I’m two weeks into the New Year and just writing this blog? At this time in January, many who make resolutions have already cheated on the diet plan, skipped the gym a few times, or drank far short the daily ounces of water.  Well, I intentionally held off for a couple weeks before even thinking about a resolution so that I wouldn’t be a January statistic. That’s the story I’m sticking with, if anyone asks, and because I really don’t want the word “procrastinate” to be my one word for 2018!

Picking one word is tough! It makes me think of church around Thanksgiving when everyone is encouraged to stand and say, “I’m thankful for _________.”  I never have the courage to stand, first of all.  As I contemplate my answer, I have difficulty picking just one thing to say.  I feel like if I do choose one, I’m ranking my thankfulness or prioritizing my blessings.  I don’t like doing that! I have so MANY blessings and so much for which to be thankful.  They’re all equal in my heart.  So, “I’m thankful for the choice not to stand.

I have so MANY words I focus on regularly, each with its own meaning, dear to my heart, and “unrankable” in my mind.  A few from around the house:


I like words! I read them. I sing them (not publicly).  I speak them.  I type them.  I also unscramble them daily with Jumble in my local newspaper.  Have you ever done the Quote Cryptogram or Cryptoquip – letters are substituted for others to complete quotes or text?  These are some of my favorite newspaper word puzzles.

I’m interested in seeing what one word you would choose.  Why did you choose it?  Does it motivate you or inspire you? Does it remind you to do something each day? Is it a word that requires action or expresses emotion?  Does it make you smile or remember someone special? Is it something you need to focus on in the upcoming year?

While I was finding word pictures from around the house for this blog, I came across a stone in my jewelry box.  I’m sure it was presented to me as a reminder, a souvenir from a lecture or an inspirational speech. Unfortunately, I don’t recall from where I got it or who gave it to me.  My memory challenges me at times.  Engraved upon the stone is a word, one I need in my life right now.  I’m thankful for the recent procrastination that afforded me the opportunity to find it.  I choose this word for my one word in 2018:


It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.  – Philip Green

Let me know your thoughts:

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