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  • Blended (Family)

    “A New Normal”

    I have heard people use the term “a new normal” when there has been a change in their life.  Oftentimes, there’s been a loss of a loved one, an illness or injury, or some sudden alteration in the daily life that they’ve been living.  In the process of grieving, rehabilitating or recovering, there is a realization that what was routine is no longer available, is unattainable, or is just very unfamiliar in every way.  So, are we expected to find a different way of life? Most of us have experienced a transition during our lifetime, whether planned or unexpected, have we not?  It may have involved us directly, or someone else’s…

  • Blended (Family)


    The big W.H.Y. question.  You hear it over and over when the kids are small.  Their curious minds or their way of annoyance?  Come on, y’all think this at times, too.  Parents, be honest.  How many times can a child ask “why?” before you get tired and say things like: “because that’s the way it is,” or “just because,” or the default, all-time-go-to, favorite . . .”because I said so.” Well, the kids are grown and have children of their own now.  Not all of the grandchildren are old enough yet to ask the endless “why” questions.  Their time will come, and I will continue to answer them all without…

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    Our Story: Part 2

    Well, actually Part 1 cont’d … So, his three daughters and my three sons together for the first time happened the week of our beachfront wedding. We rented a house with plenty of rooms, planned the ceremony, arranged with a caterer for the special night’s dinner, and gathered our family for the week. Has anyone planned a destination wedding?  We really thought of this like a family vacation, and we would include a time to get married, to blend our families, and just relax and enjoy the beach.  Everyone had schedules to work out – a vacation from work, a fall semester break, a long weekend between shows, and an…

  • Blended (Family)

    Our Story

    “Here’s the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three . . . It’s the story of a man named . . .who was busy with three . . . of his own. (are you singing the TV show, The Brady Bunch, theme song now?)  Well, we are not that family, but our story is similar. A father with 3 daughters + a mother with 3 sons = Our BLENDED  Family. Whenever we share our story with others, we often hear “Oh, like The Brady Bunch, only reversed!” Some not familiar with that TV show then hear our last name “Suprano” and respond with “Are you related to Tony?” or “Is…