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    Let’s Get Real

    It’s that time of year. I try to focus on one holiday at a time, but the retail stores make it difficult when the “seasonal” aisle is mixed with the orange and black of Halloween, the browns, yellows and reds of “fall” – with a rare turkey or pilgrim for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday, by the way!) – and the festive “everything Christmas!” decorations. Let’s get real….do people really start buying decorations for Christmas in October? We have an unspoken rule in our house:¬† no Christmas anything¬†until the day after Thanksgiving! When you have a whole week in November because the fourth Thursday falls that way, I’m tempted to tune…

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    Happy Adventures with Friends & Softball

    I played softball as a kid, loooong ago. Do you remember your first Little League game? Summer pick-up games? Jr. and Sr. High tryouts? Who still has these mementos stashed away? Softball is a team sport. You can’t play by yourself. You need fielders, a pitcher, a catcher, and umpires (for those competitive games, you know, when it really counts . . . and not the pick-ups who always unfairly call strikes on you!) Even when you’re at bat, you are not alone. Someone pitches to you. There’s a roster, a player before and after you. There’s a team responsibility to get a hit, advance the runner(s), produce RBI’s, and…